Real Estate Istanbul

Bosphorus spans Since the Bosphorus Strait isolates the Asian and the European pieces of Istanbul, It was important to locate a functional method to go between the banks of the Bosphorus rather than the typical transportation strategies. Numerous dreams have been offered throughout history to manufacture an extension connecting the two pieces of the city. In the Ottoman period, there were endeavors to mirror the thought yet it was not fruitful.

With the declaration of the establishment of the Real Estate İstanbul endeavors by European organizations to manufacture an extension between the two shores were continued however none of them saw the light. From that point forward, three scaffolds were based on the Bosphorus Strait. The accompanying data is given underneath: 15 July Martyrs Bridge "Bosphorus Bridge" The principal connect was introduced on Bosporus Turkey on the event of the 50th commemoration of the establishing of the Republic of Turkey on 30 October 1973. It was known as the "Bosphorus Bridge" until the name was changed to the "15 July Martyrs Bridge" after the flopped July 15 upset endeavor in 2016.